January 8, 2010

1. What is one piece of important learning in reading or writing you have gained this week?

This week, I was doing my non - fiction reading project. While researching for my project, I went into many websites and read many books. I learned that even if a website seems really boring, once you start reading the website, it can be very interesting. It is the same with books too. This connects to the famous phrase: Don't judge a book by it's cover.
2. Explain how this has helped you in your reading or writing.

In helped me in trying new websites. I used to think many websites were boring but know, once I read them, it is very interesting. For books, I now read any book. Even if the cover is gray and dull. This is good for me because now that I read a variety of books, I learn a lot more knowledge.
3. Explain what the difference is between a common noun and a proper noun.
A common noun is a noun that can be anything. A proper noun has to be a noun that is a certain thing.