Learning Rocks! September 16, 2009

I really enjoy math. Last year, I was my class' "Math Enrichment Director". I was in charge of a lot of math programs. Every year, I do every week's math puzzler because I enjoy challenging work. I know how to measure angles without a template, make graphs, use decimals is a hard way, solve hard problems, do rates, and many others. Math is one of my best subjects. I think it is fun and enjoyable. This year, I learned how to do prime factorizations by making a factor tree. I think making factor trees are easy and fun. I need to improve on memorizing the metric system. Every time I try to remember the metric system, I forget it.

Writing is also very fun for me. I know how to use similes, alliterations, onomatopoeia, metaphors, parallelism, details, sentence fluency, word choice and many others. I'm good at writing but I can improve a lot. This year, I learned how to brainstorm little seed ideas. I can present my ideas in an organized way. Sometimes, when I am writing, I like to have a little bit of soft music in the background.

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