Math Rocks!

I like the part in Factor Captor when you get to do mental math (addition) and you have to be careful of what number you choose or else the other player will get more points than you. Also, I like adding big numbers together to exercise my brain. I always choose big numbers so that I can add them up.

An array might help someone find factors of a number because all you have to do is look at how many dots there are in a row and you will know 1 factor. Then, you look at how many dots there are in a column then there is your other factor. Also, you can make many different kinds of arrays for one product. So first, list all the arrays, then count how many columns and rows there are in each array.

I like pages 14 and 7. I like page 7 because I enjoy reversing number sentences and putting them into different equations like addition into subtraction or multiplication into division. I learned how to use big numbers to make a factor triangle. I like page 14 because learning the divisibility rules are really fun and will be useful in the future. I think that these divisibility rules are very interesting because it is cool how the divisibility rule works on all numbers.

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