Story of Learning on Specials

Chinese Studies
I have learned all different kinds of keywords and phrases in Chinese Studies. I have overcome some small difficulties in memorizing the keywords of each lesson but I have overcome these difficulties by studying hard before each test.

In art, I have learned how to make all different kinds of texture in my drawing. There are many different kinds of unique patterns and textures that I could use in my paintings. There hasn't been any challenges throughout this year in art. I think that I am doing very well.

Music has been fun to attend. I really like how we get to play on the xylophones and improve our note reading on Music Ace. I have learned all different kinds of music pieces that I can now play on the xylophone. My music is pretty good so no challenges has come to me yet.

P.E has been really fun. We have learned to play all different kinds of sports. After playing basketball in P.E, my perspective of it changed. I now like basketball much better than I used to. A challenge that I have overcome is to keep on going even if I am extremely tired. Forcing myself to keep going has made me stronger and faster. P.E is fun and good for the body.

I have learned a lot with Mrs. Cadogan, our counselor. From no bullying to the brain. It's fun to learn all about the different ways to stop bullying. I think the most interesting lesson was the one were we measured if we were left brained or right brained.

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