Story of Learning

I have done very well to achieve the goals I set for myself in the beginning of the year. These were my goals

Writing Goal:
I am going to try and look around me when I go on vacations, visits and many others. That way, I can get some ideas for my writing and jot them down in my notebook when I get back home. Right now, it is hard for me to think of ideas that would be interesting in my writing. I will measure this by carrying around a notebook. Whenever I see something interesting I will write it down in my journal.

Reading Goal:
I want to be better at writing detailed and specific reading responses. I will try and make my three paragraphs of my reading response as interesting as it can possibly be. I will do this by always looking back in my blog and see if I improved in writing my responses every other cycle.

For math, I want to be able to write an explanation of what I have done easily, smoothly and whenever I want to. Right now, it is difficult for me to write a full explanation without thinking for a long long time. I do the math puzzler every week and I keep track of them. This will help me improve explaining my work because every time I submit a puzzler, I must explain my work. I really feel that I can get better in this area.

I have met most of my goals and exceeded some of them. My new goal for writing is to spend more time editing and revising the whole piece and not only some small sections of it. I feel that I don't spend too much time on the overall piece of my writing, this causes me to make careless mistakes.. For reading, I'm going to work on reading more genres like non fiction, biographies and many others. I love to read fiction but I know that it would be good for me to read more non fiction books. My new math goal is to be more consistent in my work. Sometimes I read a question wrong or misunderstand it. I will work hard on getting 100% in all of my school work and homework. My goal for 6th grade is to read more about the world and fill my mind with interesting facts.

I have achieved my goals for writing. In holidays, looking around all the time and asking many questions helped me to fill my brain with ideas. Some of them I wrote down, some of them just stayed in my mind. Carrying a notebook around with me has helped me be able to remember my ideas for writing. It has been challenging for me to think of good ending for my writing, but I overcame this challenge by editing and revising my ending till it completely satisfies me. In reading, putting more detail into my work has helped me become better at my reading responses. It has been challenging for me to have deep and more thoughtful answers though but I have overcome this by thinking of the questions that I have to answer in a response as reading a book. I have not achieved my second goal yet. I don't usually look back at the other responses I wrote. I will try and do this when I have time. For math, my goals have been achieved. My explanations are deeper and more easy to understand. I can now write a full explanation without having to stop and think for a long time.

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